Online Retail Partnership

Adelante Made-to-Order handcrafts premium leather footwear and accessories at our workshop in Pastores, Guatemala.
We launched our brand around the Living Well Line social impact model in 2017, and have since grown to become the largest formal employer in town. With customers increasingly seeking transparency, unique products and experiences, and inclusive sizing, Adelante has much to offer as a partner brand.


More than a pair of shoes, our craftspeople bring your order to life with content delivered direct from the Adelante workshop in Guatemala.

Customers can check their email post-purchase to learn about life in Guatemala, go behind-the-scenes at the Adelante Workshop, and discover the intricate details of the craft process. When the order arrives, customers can scan the craftsperson signature panel on the shoes to unlock leather care tips from Pastores, and drop their pre-addressed postcard in the mail to thank their craftsperson.


Choose to place a traditional wholesale purchase order, or partner with Adelante on a dropship basis. In the case of drop ship, we’ll land individual orders at your customer’s doorstep within 10 business days of purchase.


In-house production provides Adelante with a high degree of flexibility when setting wholesale MOQs. Zero MOQs at the SKU level enables retail partners to offer a full spectrum of length and width sizes while simultaneously limiting inventory risk.

Sustainable, Transparent Production

Adelante partners with the most sustainable leather tanneries in North America, and all products that Adelante produces are carbon neutral. Adelante craftspeople are paid over the Living Well Line, which catalyzes social mobility amongst multi-generational footwear families in Guatemala.

Production Capacity

Adelante has an installed production capacity of 1,000 pairs of footwear per week, with the ability to increase with prior notice.

Consolidated Supply Chain

Adelante’s supply chain is consolidated within the Western Hemisphere with production taking place in-house at our facility in Guatemala. When it comes time to ship, we’ll air freight inventory to your HQ within one week or dropship to your US customer’s door within three days of exiting Guatemala.

Products we offer:

- Footwear
- Bags
- Coasters
- Men's & Women's Accessories
- Office or Kitchen Accessories