The Most Impactful Shoes You'll Ever Own

Exceptional Quality. Ethically Crafted.

Shoes Worth Standing For

Artisan making a leather boot | Adelante Shoes

Made With Care

An expert artisan brings your shoes to life with care and passion, meaning every detail is attended to each step of the way.

Artisan riding a bicycle to work | Adelante Shoes

Transparent Pricing

Our shoes are priced fairly at both ends - allowing Adelante artisans to live comfortably in their communities, and our customers to experience outstanding quality shoes at the best possible prices.

Artisan sitting in a garden and laughing | Adelante Shoes

A Person Behind Every Pair

We want you to know who makes your shoes. After you order, you’ll learn more about your Adelante artisan, and get personal updates as they meticulously crafts your shoes.

When you purchase a pair of Adelantes, you empower a dedicated craftsman to build a brighter future for his family. Experience the impact of shoes made just for you.

We envision a world that prioritizes human well-being over profit.

Empowering Expert Craftsmen

Adelante artisans are passionate about their craft, putting their heart and soul into every pair of shoes they make. We believe in rewarding their skill and dedication with fair pay for a job well done.

Changing Quality of Life

Adelante craftsmen earn more than twice the local wage and receive additional benefits to help them plan for a better future. Our vision is for the artisans’ financial success to positively impact the community and further catalyze economic growth in the area.

Building Bridges

When you invest in a pair of Adelante shoes, you're investing in an experience that will deepen your understanding of a person who lives across borders but shares the same values.

See the Impact on Both Sides

"Adelante has completely changed things for my family. Before, if my daughter needed money for school supplies it was a choice between that and food. Now I can pay for both."

Julio, Adelante Craftsman

“My shoemaker was Rudy. I was so touched with this personal connection and what was behind it: the pride he takes in his work. Please convey my delight to him for this gesture but even more so for the delight I take in wearing my Granada boots."

Barrie, Adelante Customer

“It’s a beautiful experience to work with Adelante. There’s nature, good people, and consistency of work. I earn a lot more than I did in construction and I’m able to help my family out with money. I recently got a new motorcycle that I never imagined being able to have, and I’m able to put part of every paycheck into savings.”

Luis, Adelante Craftsman

Experience quality, connection, and impact. Adelantes are made-to-order just for you with a fair price paid on both sides.