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Is It Normal to Have Feet With Two Different Sizes?

Have you ever purchased shoes that feel comfortable for one foot, and either too loose or too tight in the other foot? Well, it’s possible that you may have feet that require two different sizes. If this sounds like you, you are certainly not alone. Believe it or not, it is very common and perfectly normal for people to have feet with two different sizes. In fact, approximately 60% of adults have one foot that’s longer or wider than the other. While some of these individuals may have unequal foot sizes from birth, others develop different sizes in childhood due to injuries and other medical conditions.

Finding the right shoes when your feet are two different sizes can be challenging, if not impossible. However, there are a few solutions you can try, including purchasing different-sized shoes, to allow for a more comfortable fit.

Purchase Adjustable Shoes

If there is a small difference in the size of your feet, one option is to purchase shoes that have adjustable features, including buckles, Velcro, elastic, or clasps. That way, you can modify the size of the shoe to match each foot. For example, one shoe style that will easily become one of your favorites are sandals with adjustable straps. These are a great option for individuals with different-sized feet because they allow you to gently alter the size of each shoe to fit the two sizes.

Add or Remove Insoles

You can sometimes adjust for the varied sizes by adding or removing insoles if there isn't much of a difference between your foot sizes. If the gap in foot size is only a half size, this is usually a decent choice. If you purchase shoes to fit the larger foot, you can add an insole to the shoe for the smaller foot to make up for the excess room. You can pick the correct sized insole to match the extra space in the shoe because insoles are often available in a variety of thicknesses. If you already have a pair of shoes that fits the smaller-sized foot better, you can try removing the insole from the larger shoe to create more space.

Buy Different Sized Shoes

If your feet sizes differ by more than 1 or 1.5 sizes, your best option is to purchase custom shoes that are made specifically for you. Customized shoes can be modified to fit the specifications of the customer. When you find custom shoes that have a perfect fit, you won’t have to compensate with average solutions that may have a negative impact on your feet’s health and protection. Today, there are a few companies, such as Adelante, that will allow you to pick every aspect of your shoe, including length, width, calf width, and color.

Take Extra Care with Split Sized Footwear

If there’s a difference in size between your feet, take extra care when choosing your next pair of shoes. Even if one foot is a half size bigger than the other, it’s best to buy non-matching shoes or shoes in “split sizes”. At Adelante, we recognize that everybody and every body is different, and that’s something we are proud to celebrate! In order to meet the unique footwear needs of all our customers, we offer a range of customizable options, including the option to choose a different size for each shoe. Browse our collections of men’s and women’s custom shoes to see an extensive range of widths and sizes you won’t find anywhere else.