women's and men's extended size shoes

How to Shop for Shoes in Extended Sizes

It’s difficult enough to find a shoe you love, let alone one that’s comfortable, within your budget, and the right size for your feet. Among the many other stressors in your daily life, finding the right shoe size shouldn’t be one of them. However, that’s the case for many people, especially for those who require extended sizing. If you’re searching for a pair of high-quality leather shoes in US sizes 11 and above, you're not alone. Read on to help ease the strain of shopping for extended-size shoes and find your perfect fit.

Consider Customizable Shoes

If your feet happen to be wider or narrower than standard sizes, you’ve likely had difficulties finding the right shoes, given the limited choices available. However, if you decide to opt for custom-made shoes, you can discover many more options at your fingertips. For example, brands like Adelante cater to a full range of foot widths, foot sizes, and calf sizes, so you can find shoes with the perfect fit. 

When beginning your search for custom shoes, it’s important to keep in mind that, if your shoes are too tight on the arch, it’s often not a larger size that is needed but a wider fit. The best way to know if you have the correct width fitting is when the edges of your foot meet and align neatly with the edges of the footbed. Your feet should not be narrower or overlap your shoes, such as with sandals. Your heel should also fit snugly in the heel cup, and it should feel comfortable without being too restrictive.

Finding Shoes for Narrow Feet

If you have narrow feet, we recommend searching for shoes that lace up or have an ankle strap. Shoes that have these features can be fastened to allow a better fit, and they also complement narrow feet by highlighting the arch curvature. In addition, loafer shoes with leather that stretches over the arch of your foot are recommended for narrow feet because they stay in place with minimal effort. Purchasing shoes a half-size smaller won’t benefit your narrow feet because they will pinch your toes. Instead, purchase your true size and try using an orthopedic insole to remove extra space from the inside.

Finding Shoes for Wide Feet

Wide-fitting shoes have been traditionally difficult to shop for, especially when looking for ones that are both comfortable and stylish. However, there are many brands available today that offer a variety of high-quality wide shoes for both men and women. Whether you’re shopping online or going into a store, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you purchase the right ones for your feet. First, it is important to avoid shoes that are too narrow, have an unnatural curve, unnatural heel height, and shoes where the toe box is too pointed. In addition, it is essential to find a shoe store that offers a full range of lengths and widths, so you can find a pair that is perfectly fitted to your feet. If you’re unsure whether you need wide shoes, check out our guide on how to measure your feet and determine your correct measurements. 

Invest in Custom Leather Shoes for Your Perfect Fit

The right shoes should make you feel comfortable and at ease. They will also protect your feet from a variety of painful conditions, such as bunions, calluses, and joint pains. Aside from the width, it’s important that you choose the correct shoe size and purchase shoes that match the natural shape of your feet. Because Adelantes are crafted one pair at a time, we offer a range of personalization options in any size or width, ensuring the perfect fit. Schedule a virtual fitting with one of our sizing specialists and browse our collection of custom shoes for narrow and wide feet today!