The Adelante Founders Club

 The Adelante mission is bigger than just shoes; we want to change the way business is done by treating our craftsmen as partners and paying them fairly for work well done. We are always on the lookout for people who take our mission to heart and are fired up to make meaningful change. 


 So, what is the founders club? The Founders Club is a select group of people who are active Adelante ambassadors. They live our values, love our shoes, and reap a handsome reward for their dedication.

What is in it for me? Early access to new designs and styles, the ability to tell us what we should make next, random gifts, and exclusive discounts.

What’s my role? Stay engaged, provide feedback on occasion, and share our story.

How do I join? How did Calypso vanquish the serpent? Wouldn’t you like to know. Don’t worry, we will be in touch.