wide calf leather boots

Tips for Buying Wide Calf Boots this Winter

When it comes to shopping for shoes, everyone is searching for the perfect fit. However, the average boot calf circumference measures only around 14 inches, while the average American woman typically fits into boots sized 14 inches and up. This means it can be difficult to find a stylish boot that actually fits. If you're looking for the perfect pair of wide-calf boots this winter, read these tips to help narrow down your search.

Measure Your Calf Circumference and Height

If you don’t know your calf circumference and calf height measurements, this is a great place to start. First, you’ll need a soft measuring tape. Next, sit on a chair and place your bare foot down with your leg bent at 90 degrees. While in this position, wrap the tape measure around the circumference of your calf at its widest point without pulling the tape too tightly. To ensure that you measure the widest point, we suggest measuring multiple areas of your calf and then choosing the largest number to reference. In addition, thicker pants like boot-cut jeans will be more difficult to fit inside your wide-calf boots than tights or leggings. So, try wearing your favorite pair of pants while measuring your calves to get an even more accurate measurement.

To measure your calf height, you can remain in the chair while holding your bare foot to the ground, still angling your leg at 90 degrees. Next, place the tape measure on the external side of the calf and measure from the base of the foot to the bend of your knee. You should also place your finger right directly behind your knee and make sure your measurement does not exceed the height of that point. If you have an odd measure between both calves, we recommend choosing the smaller measurement.

Opt for Short or Tall Wide-Calf Boots

To make your boots look as flattering as possible, choose a pair that either stops around your knees or within a couple inches above your ankles. Either style will give the impression that your legs are longer and slimmer. Boots that hit around the wider parts of your calf can draw attention to the area. If you're shopping online, most retailers will list the shaft height of each product, so you can use your measurements from above as a reference to that.

Purchase Boots with Adjustable Features

Many people – whether they have wide, narrow, or standard-sized calves – run into issues with their boots fitting improperly just because of how they have to put them on. To avoid this issue, it is important to look for boots that have adjustable features. For example, boots that lace up the front can normally be widened an inch or so by loosening the laces. Additionally, you can look for boots with elastic panels on the sides or back to allow for a little more flexibility in the measurements. When shopping for tall boots, keep in mind that boots with zippers on the sides or back will be much easier to wear versus boots that you have to pull on. This also makes for a more comfortable and convenient way of getting dressed.

Wide Calf Boots for a Perfect Fit

At Adelante, every single pair of knee-high boots have customizable calf sizes. And why wouldn’t they? Every person’s legs are different, yet most budgets don’t stretch to bespoke boots. That’s why we accommodate narrow, standard, and wider calves, and petite shaft heights, allowing for a perfect fit in all of our boots. Browse our full collection of beautiful, wide-calf boots today!